Dada Charms

Originally Dadaism (Dada) was an art movement of a Europe based artist group in the early 2oth century. The original formation of activists only lasted from 1916 until 1922.

Dada hotspots were Zurich, Berlin, Cologne, Hannover, Dresden, Paris and New York.


It´s art genres stretched from performing arts to poetry, photography, sculpturing, painting, and bricolage. The founders were very sensitive to the madness of death, hate and desertedness that the first world war created in the minds and hearts of a whole generation.


The invincible daring strengths of Dada are about being:

- unconstrained by reasoning and logic;

- relentless self-irony;

- fearless of people in power and power structures.


The Dada world view invites us to be very touchy in the face of thought and action doctrines. The Dada reference in the business world keeps us alert against self-regarding, grumpy and autocratic attitudes.


The idea of exploring the legacy of Dadaism in the light of modern psychology was the starting point for a podcast series around Dada Charms and its impact on today ´  s emotional  experiences.

Enjoy listening to visions and confessions about nine emotions :

Anger, Sorrow, Beauty and Laughter, Terror, Pride and Disgust and Doubt, Tranquility.


Patricia von Papstein ´  s dialogue partner is Matthew Bellringer.

Dada Charms Intro

How does her interest in the art genre of Dadaism influence her approach to healing? Patricia von Papstein explains. 

Dada Charms meeting with Anger

Anger, our violent emotional expression, gets a friendly mad verve when it opens up to Dada Charms.

Dada Charms meeting with  Laughter

Laughter, our tension releaving emotional  expression , is a serious weapon when Dada Charms comes into play.