Patricia von Papstein

I´d call myself a dadaist psychologist

with a fondness for unruly mental health.

I proudly look back on playing with different classical social roles in my intensive business life. Now, after retiring from work, I enjoy slipping into the persona of the "Dadaist Psychologist". #thedadaistpsychologist


For me, the art genre of dadaism celebrates fearlessness towards people in power and power structures. The science of psychology explores the secrets, the lechery, and the paradoxes of the human soul. 


What may into being if I dadaism and psychology flirt with each other?

Psychology could become "understated" and dadaism could become "domiciled".

Dadaistic attitudes leave behind cynical compulsion and psychological interventions refrain from sermonizing the ultimate formula for healing.


My goal is to grow "friendly madness" as a precious force of innovation and a desirable manifestation of the zest of life.