The Mind behind Bliss to Business

Patricia von Papstein is a business lady;

a clinical and organizational psychologist;

and a lover of technology and the arts.

Patricia von Papstein has extensive business experience in different classical social roles

as an investor, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a chef executive, a mentor, a speaker, an author. She is constantly celebrating her playful approach to contradictions and ambivalences.


In 2022, aware of the global factional struggles of how to adapt to the climate disaster, the pandemic threat or the metaverse hype, Patricia will focus on one of her most unconventional talents: that of the psychological Dadaist.


Dancing on an emotional and cognitive knife edge is necessary in these days that feel like the rise of another compulsion of collective and individual craziness. As a psychological Dadaist Patricia von Papstein is darkening the door between stopping to make sense and delivering profoundness.


Liberating psychological beliefs and applications from their streamlining dictatorship

is her intention. Developing blueprints for social behavior that are self-ironic and sensitive

is her desired reward.


Her Bliss credo serves her as a compass against simplistic and pretentious solutions. 


Patricia´s Bliss Credo


"Bliss is another word for emotional brightness.

Our Bliss steps over

 stereotypes and doctrines. 

Our Bliss enjoys

 contradictions and paradoxes.

 Our Bliss refines

 our sense of humour. 

Our Bliss celebrates

 our feel for the secrets of life. 

 Our Bliss orchestrates

our drive to enter uncharted territory.


 In business the activation of Bliss

 leads to mature personalities and precious products." 


Patricia von Papstein