The Story

"Bliss to Business!

Is it an outcry?

A defiant proclamation?

A romantic declaration?

It´s all of this a little and something beyond. 


The experience of Bliss

I sense it as an expression of "existential" brightness in us humans.  Bliss refines our sense of humour, our feel for the secrets of life and our longing for breaking free from stiffness.



Bliss fake surrounds us

The Bliss state of body and mind - mainstream business tirelessly makes us believe tthat it can deliver but is failing. Can a vegan pizza create Bliss? Perhaps, if it´s part of food knowledge that goes beyond nuturition. May a thai massage connect us to Bliss? For my taste only if it is embedded in a liberating behavior ritual.  Is an encounter with a robot blissful? Maybe if the robot is displaying its otherness and is NOT boringly imitating the human body or the human way of decision making.


There is currently another excessive rise of products thast promise to connect to Bliss. You find the term Bliss or its substitutes such as happiness, thrive, freedom or resilience, in cosmetics, food, IT, metaverse, health care. I wonder: How does this strive for perfected well-being indicate a preconscious sensibility for "the good days are over?".



Creating Bliss

The ability to create bliss in is for me a precious cultural technique. It is reserved for encounters and objects that are engraved in our collective memory as sound AND liberating. The basic intention is about "What attracts liveliness?" In drastic contrast to to the careless " What is possible?".


Bliss is about controversial beauty.

If your longings connect to Bliss you dare to connect to the counterplausible. Examples: you walk in smelly mud AND fresh gras, you are flooded by exstasy AND despair. Bliss makes you withstand the either or of either stubborn persistence or violent disruption, either feeling sluggishly self-pleased or constantly worried.


Bliss qualities as benchmarks for business innovation

What a smart trickster move against despotism, self-exaggeration and nagging!  Do you hear my fanfare? In business I am confident that the activation of Bliss encourages edgy personalities and future resilient products.


Therefore I shout out with pride, and a blinking eye: " Bliss to Business!" 


Patricia von Papstein