Mental health is a scarce commodity! It is constantly in danger to get ruined and spoilt by bureaucrats, charlatans, and tyrants. Psychology has a sad history of restricting and disciplining people s emotional nonconformism.  


Patricia fools with established beliefs and uptight applications of the terms "mad" and “therapy” to dig her way to unconsumed unruly mental health advice. 


How can Dada Charms become a bodily experience?


Our human perception oscilates between opposing emotional states such as joy and sorrow, comfort and discomfort, brightness and darkness. That s a valuable capacity. 


Patricia has identified the healthy impact of combining three unique body sensations to get away from single, predefined, rigid feelings.  Dada Charms enters bodily perception if you practice what she calls the "Shiver Smile Sigh!" splendor. 



The initiated sensation: We send a pleasant thrill down our spines. 

A frisson of pleasure is a physical manifestation of emotional intensity, Our whole body skin shakes in delight. 




The initiated sensation: We conjure a smile on our face. 

An honest, spontaneous smiling is a universal sign of joy, satisfaction, and contentment. Our brain is flooded by endorphines. 




The initiated sensation: We make a sound of amusing relief. 

A relieving sigh is a physical and emotional response that signifies the end of stress, worry, or discomfort. The parasympathetic nervous system relaxes. 





If you put all three sensations in a sequence you get close to a state of bliss, emotional deepness. Starting with making your body shiver, then beaming yourself into a smile, and closing the experience by making a sound of relief – our body and our brain will say THANK YOU.




This is how Dada Charms, the mind in an emotional state of friendly madness, can connect to a healing bodily experience. Our body enjoys this sensation as worth to remember and will ask for continous "reruns".