Patricia von Papstein is

a business lady;

a clinical and organizational psychologist;

and a lover of technology and the arts.

Patricia´s current action scope

Following through to her credo “Bliss to Business!”

she challenges business and capital owners

to refine their unconventional talents and to market products

that enjoy a secret, spread self-irony and celebrate the spirit of contradiction.


To practice her expertise she works closely with several tech-based start-ups 

as an associate.


To feed her thirst for concepts of "the future to come", Patricia is, since 2021,

proud member of the jury at the Science Fiction Festival Berlin


Because she is missing products that have a Bliss flair

she has started her own product sales channel Bliss Darlings,

that she calls the "Product Hunt for Bliss Seekers" .


She broadcasts every month her 30 minutes podcast in German language

at the independant radio station Radiofabrik Salzburg,

addressing the hidden and obvious abysses of optimization madness and how to escape.


Travelling the world while curiously celebrating "friendly distance"  towards

diverse life-styles and challenging mindsets is her delight.  Her mastership in playing with contradictions and paradoxes is what her clients and business partners experience as her most valuable capacity.


She has initiated these partnerships:


together with Chinese change agent  Bei Wang

Celebrating "Wuxia pairs with Dadaism" as a compass for generation Z and A owned enterprises to outplay "the East against the West" business bias.


from World to World

together with German political scientist Dr Isabella Hermann

Developing unburdened science fiction literacy under the slogan

"Sensualize your Resistance!" 


Product Thresholds

together with Australian/Lithunian mythologist Kristina Dryza

Exploring the Bliss in Products through slipping into mythical role casts.


into the Woods

together with UK based IT expert Matthew Bellringer

Liberating from the doctrine "technology or magic" by meeting on an unspoiled terrain

for mind and body. 


See here a few of Patricia´s favorite speech topics:

  • The Future will be emotionally controvers and resource wise rough - and now?
  •  Business Owners between Charlatanery and Trickster Energy
  • Next Investing Focus - how to spot deals that address Bliss?

If you like to invite Patricia von Papstein to make a speech, connect via hello@blisstobusiness.com.