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The Russian Science Fiction novel Metro 2033 contains a clever clue.
from World to World  · October 09, 2022
Science fiction is not innocent. It can have a liberating impact on people´s ideas about their individual and collective fate in the future. Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic fiction novel, gives clues.

When Science Fiction is the Stooge for Toxic Business
from World to World  · February 02, 2022
Science Fiction brushed the wrong way - how to escape worshipping cynical products

Questioning Disruption
from World to World  · February 02, 2022
Disruption in its expression of radical downsizing. What does science fiction teach us about its wrong tracks?

Questioning the Leader´s Fortune
from World to World  · January 27, 2022
The leader´s role in modern science-fiction is interpreted differently in the Eastern and the Western science-fiction. Which unburdened futuristic leader idols are conceivable?