I is Another - the multi reality encounter with Bliss Identity

 I is Another is the title for an off-beat encounter with your bliss identity in real world and virtual world spaces.  


In 2022 Patricia and her partners will release an on-online portal through which you can enter an analogue and a virtual space. There you experience unvarnished self-observations and initiate inner dialogues with personas that work as psychological allies or opponents of your unconventional behavior.


The encounter design that we create facilitates access to precious behavior capacities: You get a hold of your individual power of imagination, you get inspired how to apply unconventional behavior in the real life, and you learn to fight misinformation (trash and lies) and disinformation (propaganda and doctrines).


The clue of I is Another is about these two components:

  • We embed the analogue and the virtual experience into a person-to-person remote service that provides introduction, guidance and aftercare for the experience. 
  • Our way of data profiling is honoring and respecting the user´s need for transparency. We will show our clients how to read their data. 

Where did Patricia get the inspiration for the title?

The title is relating to an expression coined by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud (20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891) that explores the otherness in all of us.


Je est un Autre * Ich ist ein Anderer * I is Another

 我是另一个 * मैं एक औरहै * я другой


I is Another, the real and virtual world encounter with your Bliss Identity is coming soon.