Bliss Identity - the step out of line Behavior Repertoire

Bliss Identity is a psychological concept that connects to a rare talent base: our human behavior capacity of self-irony, paired with free spirit and secret seeking. 


We need business personalities that can outplay showboating, manipulation and grimness. If you want to break free from emotional and social straight-jackets, then playing with the strenghts of Your Bliss Identity can tell you when and how. 


Becoming sensitive to the qualities of your Bliss Identity connects you to a healing power: You are set for unspoilt action in toxic business environments.


The Research behind

The psychological concept of bliss identity has been derived by Patricia von Papstein from the findings of face-to-face encounters with 172 startup founders, CEO´s and executives. She developed benchmarks to identify the existence and the quality of rebellious, paired with humorous, and secret seeking behavior talents in a single person or a team. 


Let Patricia invite you to engage with your Bliss Identity by employing a smart trick:

slip into Bliss Identity personas!


The Bliss Identity Personas Universe


 Think of a persona as an image, an idea, a face that you put on to represent yourself to the world. According to Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, the concept of the persona serves to make an impression on others but as well as a shield to hide our true nature. If we act behind the hide-out of personas, it´s easier to explore and develop our unburdened, untamed, uncorrupted behavior potential.


Bliss identity plays with six different personas that support or oppose unconventional behavior. In the Bliss Identity personas universe there are two different types of personas that challenge each other. 

  • Our Bliss Identity persona allies are our inner Bliss Visionary, Bliss Maverick and Bliss Jester. Imagine them as the three graces or the three musketeers that activate playfulness, secret-seeking and free-thinking.
  • Our Bliss Identity persona opponents are our inner Bliss Tyrant, Bliss Pretender and Bliss Sceptic. Imagine them as the three brutalities that poison you with nagging, an exaggerated opinion of yourself and bossiness.

The clue: Bliss Identity Personas celebrate creative clashes.


The Bliss Indentity Personas communicate with each other in us night and day. Things are really happening there. The creative clashes between the different Personas of your Bliss Identity make you experience and explore the possibilities and the limitations of your own Bliss Identity and that of your counterparts.


Imagine and explore:

- The three Bliss Allies fight with the three Bliss Opponents in us;

- The Bliss Visionary challenges the Bliss Pretender;

- The Bliss Maverick challenges the Bliss Tyrant;

- The Bliss Jester challenges the Bliss Sceptic.


Characteristics of The Bliss Visionary

Our Bliss Visionary 

has an off-beat look ahead.


Entrepreneurs with the Visionary Bliss have a direct line to the many knowledge sources of mankind from all over the world.


They rule the Timeless,

the Deep, the Unfathomable.


Bliss Visionairies easily get involved with life rhythms and time cycles. Without effort they mentally travel between the present, the past and the future.


Our Visionary Bliss

  • introduces to solutions away from new age romanticisms or cold scientificity;
  • throws the Bliss Pretender in us out of balance, who is always seeking for glory and recognition;
  • activates an evasive move when it experiences things as too shallow, too mindless, too vulgar.

Business is for

Bliss Visionaries

a chemistry set

and not a box of lego bricks.


Characteristics of the Bliss Maverick

Our Bliss Maverick 

detects uncharted territories.


Entrepreneurs with Maverick Bliss are masters of alert serenity.


They make use of the Explosive, the Hard-Hitting,

the Unbiased.


Bliss Mavericks bravely object the choice of the masses.

They escape supersaturation and senseless routines and are unafraid of contradictions and discrepancies.


 Our Maverick Bliss

  • knows how to sneak through the hatch in the wall instead of trying to tear down the whole wall; 
  • puts the Bliss Tyrant in us to the test, who strives for absolute control and limitless power;
  • strikes out if things feel too petit-bourgeois, too ordinary, too rigid.


Business is for

Bliss Mavericks

casual wear

and not a straight-jacket.

Characteristics of the Bliss Jester

 Our Bliss Jester

 plays with all the bells and whistles.


Entrepreneurs with Jester Bliss are dedicated to playfulness and sensorial wealth creation.


They enjoy the Unburdened, the Rich in Variety, the Cheerful.


Bliss Jesters bring to products and services a flair of warmness and good mood. They love to create surprises and know how to induce twists and turns.


Our Jester Bliss

  • operates like an impactful antitoxin to doubting and whimpering;
  • attacks the Bliss Sceptic in us, who always questions or dissmisses a joyful idea;
  •  activates its sense of humour and self-irony, if it identifies things as too monotonous, too stupid, too fanciless.


Business is for

Bliss Jesters

a playground

and not a battlefield.

Curious to date your Bliss Identity?

Then you can choose different tracks with Patricia. Have a short conversation with her during which you and she decide on the setting of you having a rendezvous with your Bliss Identity.