The Trickster Hero

The ancient heroic stories that build our global memory of heritage and that formed our communal and intercultural living together, are in danger to become just key word givers for marketing fairy tales and leadership glorification. 


Patricia´s unusual approach to the role model of the hero is about finding some clever and smart relief from the narrative that tells: the hero is a person who does brave things and fine acts and is bound up with wealth, pride and fame. The term hero waits to become emotionally charged with trickster energy. The trickster is our inner unconsumed rebel, the opposite of our inner charlatan, our showboating pretender.  


Meet the Power of the Trickster Hero in your Product

Products are an obvious business card of the product owner´s consciousness. Patricia uses the product as a vehicle of connecting its owners with the trickster versus the charlatan energy in themselves.


Visual, light-related metaphors such as night and day, or light and darkness, help to experience the trickster versus charlatan struggle in an exciting, fundamental way. Patricia applies emotional contradictions as a reference to understanding the behavioral challenges that come with the decision of leaving the floor to the trickster or to the charlatan.


The controversial question Patricia asks, and answers is:

How bright is the Darkness of your Product? 


Tailored for Business Secret Seekers

Your Enterprise pushes forward sustainability?

Imagine you can minimize the danger of getting lost in the blackness of greenwashing or   moralizing.


Your Enterprise is at the technological forefront?

Imagine you can escape from being caught in the glaring light of feeling like sun gods.


Your Enterprise makes a living from the arts and creativity?

Imagine you can withstand the decomposition of sharp outlines and long shadows for the sake of pleasing the choice of the masses.  


The confrontation with your "trickster versus charlatan" capacities expressed through your products`ability of handling darkness will push your company forward. 


My Dialogue Partner

My partner for this initiative is the mythologist Kristina Dryza. Her contributions to the science of mythology are impressive. She writes for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, works as an archetypal consultant, and has recently completed a novel reimagining the Persephone and Hades myth.


Kristina is my definite choice for the counterpart because we are both unafraid of emotional extremes. In us two feminine forces align that beautifully question the preconception of "the trickster is a masculine fictional character".  

We have successfully presented our thoughts at the Fates and Graces Mythologicum 2021. 


"Trickster Energy as a Healing Force?

 Patricia von Papstein and Kristina Dryža


The Trickster is a beautifully iridescent archetypal character in mythology. In contrast to its liberating behavior qualities, it’s been much maligned and demonized throughout history. By decrypting the Trickster archetype in its multi-dimensional ability to peek behind the curtains, the two presenters will discuss how those in the business world can engage mythology and psychology to ensure that their products and services are 'Trickster worthy.'


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