Patricia von Papstein

  • settles a score with doctrines of psychic well-being via "BALM FOR THE SOUL".
  • lets her mind fly to unoccupied shores via "FROM WORLD TO WORLD".

When can "friendly madness" develop into a healing force ?


Mental health is a scarce commodity! 

It is constantly in danger to get ruined and spoilt by bureaucrats, charlatans, and tyrants.


Psychology has a sad history of restricting and discipling people´s emotional nonconformism. Time for a recurring day release. 


Patricia fools with established beliefs and uptight applications of the terms "mad" and “therapy” to dig her way to inventing unruly mental health care advice.  



How can we liberate our human fantasy ? 


Today we even put the future into a straight-jacket of expectations and fears.


Imagine fantasy, or in other words illusion, imagination, or even phantasm,

gets orchestrated by three behavior "graces": 

  • a child-like resoluteness; 
  • a subtle style of disobedience; and
  • a highly sensitive feel for the signs of the future.

Patricia, here in the disguise of a well-informed "chatbox", is telling you secrets from unburdened parallel worlds.