Sensitive Futurism

Our senses are our antennas to the inner and outer world. Mainstream Science-Fiction is occupied with the assumption that the human senses, our ability to touch, taste, hear, see and smell, will shrink down or shrivel. Only a few people will have access to so-called super powers. Let´s question this thought doctrine!


Science-Fiction that introduces to a liberating view into the future of human sensorial perception is Patricia`s delight. She contributes to the genre by offering ideas of what she calls "Sensitive Futurism". It´s about finding the rare perls in traditional and modern Science-Fiction narratives that celebrate the beauty and the persistance of human sensorial and emotional freedom.


Enjoy Patricia`s unconsumed future loving podcast

Listen to Patricia´s  podcast “from World to World” where she lets her power of  imagination flow. In the role of a time traveler she detects in the future a businesses world that is ruled by bliss identity.  


The type of companies that Patricia invents is creating assets that cleverly celebrate humour, free spirit and far-sightedness, and thereby beat optimization madness, the business doctrine which is heavily spoiling human perception and weakening social cohesion. 


My Dialogue Partners

For the reason of escaping from being caught in her own thought bubble Patricia constantly discusses her viewpoint and her ideas with: 

- the German political scientist and science fiction tropes analyzer Dr Isabella Hermann;

- the Brazilian journalist and scifi author Lidia Zuin; 

- the US American science fiction researchers Ari Popper and Fernando Gutierrez.