Check your Product Bliss!

Products are a mirror of company consciousness. They express and reflect the Bliss Identity of their inventors, their producers and their marketeers.


That´s what the format of "Product Thresholds" is about. It will give to you an unusual arsenal for evaluating the impact of your product.

By playing with edgy mythical and psychological metaphors you will learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products in a new dimension. You will become aware of how can make your customers experience your products as threshold walkers, able to address or even reconcile the contradictions of life. 

A conscious nip of rich darkness waits for you!


This is our magic question:

"How much light and how much darkness can your product bear?"


Who will value the encounter design?

- Enterprises that push forward sustainability

They will minimize the danger of getting lost in the blackness of greenwashing or moralizing.


- Enterprises that are at the technological forefront.

They will escape from being caught in the glaring light of feeling like sun gods.


- Enterprises that make a living from the arts and creativity.

They will withstand the decomposition of their sharp outlines and long shadows for the sake of pleasing the choice of the masses.  


Your benefits

We will empower you to add contrasts and contradictions to your product that make it emotionally precious for your customers. 

the initiators

My partner for this initiative is Kristina Dryza. Her contributions to the science of mythology are impressive. She writes for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, works as an archetypal consultant in both business and entertainment circles, and has recently completed a novel reimagining the Persephone and Hades myth, which she presented in a TEDx talk.


We share the joys of putting original myths and psychological beliefs to the test in the present. Kristina is my choice for the counterpart of "Product Thresholds" because we are both unafraid of oscilating between brightest euphoria and blank sadness and despair.

You will meet us in diguise...

Kristina and I will act as  "uncorrupt referees". Therefore we will apply the virtues of Aphrodite and Persephone. These two mythological personalities are well known as a truly competitive duo in ancient Greek mythology. The one is the queen of the so-called upper world and the other the queen of the under world.


Experience our joint powers in beating

myth doctrines and rigid psychological perceptions of the ideal!

...while you disguise yourself

You will meet the mythical characters of Aphrodite and Persephone by slipping into the fictional character of the "threshold walker" who is waiting to get your product challenged. 


A bit of arena atmosphere is illuminating.

This means we place one product in the center of attention, but  there will be as many product "spokes - wo-men ", producers, customers and business partners, around as you like.


You as the person who comissions the encounter will pay for the participation of as many people you want to invite. We will support you to choose participants wisely. 


Get a taste of how we explore products