Bliss Identity Darling PARAVOUR

PARAVOUR is a playful object.... the gestalt of a wrap cape blanket that combines giving shelter while celebrating the pleasures of thought rebellion.


PARAVOUR unfolds its charms...

....through a paradoxical statement expressed in a pair of contradictory adjectives.

As a seal this word pair is placed on a fabric that is made of honest, skin pleasing material -  cotton fleece. You can be assure that the object is manufactured by independant, well paid tailors. The cherry on the cake : A unique touch gadget completes the experience of a Bliss empowering toy.



PARAVOUR was designed on request of clients that went with us through a Bliss Identity Rendezvous. They asked for an attractive sensorial marker to practice their Bliss Identity and now we deliver. 


You decide upon the specific Bliss that you want to address and we suggest the contradictory word pair and the touch gadget that makes sense.


The valuable add-on:

Patricia will support you during your first six months of possessing your PARAVOUR.

Be ready for amazing encounters.


May your PARAVOUR serve you for daily or exceptional use!