Magic Objects

The mind may already flirt with Bliss Identity, now let the senses join in.


Behavior changes need perception challenging objects that support and invite mind twists and sensorial alertness. 


Patricia enjoys to invent and to market objects that liberate from socializing doctrines and override pretentious or obsessed behavior. She calls this type of objects "Bliss Identity Darlings". 

Going for the SHIVER. SMILE. SIGH. Splendor


How do we experience that our senses feel "amused" by Bliss Identity?

Our human perceptiveness catches distinct but uncommon sensorial signals that "confuse" our senses in a friendly way. 


Imagine connecting to your Bliss Identity through experiencing the sensorial responses of a SHIVER.SMILE.SIGH. Splendor - that kind of body experience that is aligning us with the daring contradictory feeling of "annoyance meets admiration". 


An object becomes a "Bliss Identity Darling" if it unleashes to some degree or in total the 



Read about the single elements of the SHIVER.SMILE.SIGH. Splendor.


The SHIVER. Splendor  - an object creates a thrilling shiver.

Shivering is a body skin thrilling kick, that is exiting and enjoyable. We experience it with a feel of pleasant alertness.


The SMILE. Splendor  - an object makes us wear a smile.

Smiling is a biological signal that connects to happiness hormones, such as endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin.  If our facial muscles form an honest smile, we feel light-hearted.


The SIGH. Splendor - an object elicits in us a sigh in relief.

Sighing in relief is about making an intensive sound that effectively supports relaxed breathing. If we generate with our voice a friendly tone while exhaling, we put our body into a state of a mini euphoria


Now imagine all of these single body experiences work together like instruments of a chamber orchestra or the members of a running team. Voila! That´s SHIVER.SMILE.SIGH. 

Enjoy the "Paravour", the wearable play object, that is made to deliver SHIVER.SMILE.SIGH. Splendor.