Science Fiction challenges our dreams of the future

Science Fiction is an art genre.

It tells stories of alternative worlds based on fictional science and technology.

Predicting and directing the future by futuristic devices is the eternal dream of mankind.


Today Science Fiction narratives are applied as easy to copy blueprints for technology-based progress. Previous Science Fiction gadgets such as tablets, video calling or digital assistants have become reality. 


The undaunted wishful thinking of a "life of ease" in the future clashes in Science Fiction with a business world that is a stronghold for technology tyrany ruled by self-absorbed business leaders and their cynical products. Now way out in imagination and reality?


 Embark with us into an unconventional Science Fiction literacy!


The Science Fiction literacy we practice will make you:

- creatively identify escape routes from the either or of Science Fiction hell or heaven; 

- elegantly combine possible tomorrows;

- curiously play with the paradoxes that the future will bring;

- unerringly decipher and object Science Fiction doctrines.


Join us in discovering counterplausible ways of building business!

The initiators

I have aligned with Dr Isabella Hermann.


Isabella and I got to know each other in 2020. We are two ladies of opposing professional expertise (political science meets psychology) and opposing tempers (rational meets emotional), but we are both Science Fiction enthusiasts.


I invited Isabella to build a research co-operation around science-fiction counterplausibility in business. 

While Isabella researches about the impact of Science Fiction on political and social infrastructures, Patricia is keen on finding the next emotionally mature superskills that Science Fiction invites us to develop.


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