My Concept of Personas

If we act behind the mask of a persona, it´s much easier for us to explore and apply our behavior potential. 

That ´s why I have invented the Bliss personas.  

Have a rendezvous with your bliss at the treshold where unconventional action and business innovation align.

May I introduce?  The Bliss Personas.

The Visionary Bliss

Our Visionary Bliss travels in time in search for the deep, 
and protects us against pretention and charlatanery. 

The Jester Bliss 

Our Jester Bliss turns each action
into a play opportunity,
and rescues us from bitchery and

The Maverick Bliss 

Our Maverick Bliss always detects 
the open land, 
and steps over deadlocks and 
perfection mania.

Curious to decipher which Bliss Persona is orchestrating your Bliss?

Here you can book a date for a preliminary talk . Let´s plan your first rendezvous with your individual bliss oder that of your entire team.