My Methods - My Tools 

My methodical „Horn of Plenty“

A humorous, persistent way of deciphering your 
unconventional talent base.  

Your Bliss Potential

This is the fundamental work of making your body and mind
 receptive for a new experience. 
You will discover that specific Bliss Persona, 
that is orchestrating your unconventional social talents. 
Additionally, you will get to know the conflicting Persona, that is sabotaging and weakening your Bliss. 

Your Contrasts and Contradictions 

Breaking free from thought patterns such as „either or!“ and 
„perfect balance!“. 
You will play with the contrariness, the gaps, and the abysses of your business pesonality 


Your Individual Mythology 

Diving into the secrets of our global cultural tresure chests!
You will search for your unconsumed idols, hearthrobs and heroic characters, that you can call up as your bliss protecting „inner mentors“

Your Journeys to the Worlds of Aesthetics

.References from the world of science and the world of the arts!
You will research and visit pieces and contributors of knowledge and pleasure that open up your world-view. 

Your Unbiased Perception

Challenges for the way how you walk, the way how you take photos of yourself, the way how you use language! 
You will give your bliss her/his head. 

Unusual Surroundings and Avant-gardist Tech Tools 

I will meet you in unfamiliar real and virtual environments. 

Unconventional talents long for unconventional settings. 

Face to Face Meetings at Exceptional Locations

You will meet me definetely not in office spaces, that´s for sure….

On-line Encounters 

Conducting on-line dialogues via video or audio conference systems 
is an art. 
I will share with you refreshing procedures and resposible ways of recording content. 

Self-Exploration with the Help of Virtual Avatars

With the VR glasses in front of your eyes you will encounter with your most beloved Bliss Persona for a „self-talk“.  
You can revisit these encounter scenes with your virtual „Doppelgänger“ whenever you like.