Emo Emergency for Biz 

is a smart anchoring place against the emotional exhaustion and confusion that „assaults“ us business people if business is under pressure.


is tailored for business leaders who are unafraid of emotional turbulences. 


Research shows that leaders who have a feel for the contradictions of their emotional world can better navigate their business. 

Cynisism? Shame? Hope? Helplessness? Anger? Disgust? Trust? Curiosity? Envy?
There are many more emotions in the play than only fear or joy. 


Which specific cocktail of emotions is „battling“ in You? How to turn this battle into a dialogue? 

We will find out!


In the setting of #EmoEmergency for Biz I will approach you as an experienced orchestrator of emotional ambivalences, 

Patricia von Papstein 

I assemble small groups of participants with contradictory business personalities.  Inform yourself about setting and conditions here