Our unconventional action has a center of gravity - our Bliss. 

Which Bliss Potential is Yours?


I invite you to have a first rendezvous with your Bliss. You will learn to decipher for which quality of emotional health and maturity your business personality is striving for. This knowledge in action will will make you decisive and attractive to business partners in an unusual way. 

What is Bliss - as per my interpretation? Our human Bliss connects us to our emotional depth. Our Bliss is at its best if our sense of humour and our sensorial wealth, our feel for the secrets of life, and our drive to enter unchartered territory, take the lead.  

Our Bliss is the healthy emotional food for our unconventional action, that hates being squeezed into stereotypes and dogmas. 

Our Bliss makes us play with contradictions, ambivalences and paradoxes.

Our Bliss keeps our arrogance, our control fury and our nagging at bay.  

I have developed a goodnose for the individual and collective Bliss Potential of business personalities and their teams. Meet me at the treshold where unconventional action and business innovation align.

Joseph Campbell, the US-American author of "The Heroe with a 1000 Faces" called our attention to what our Bliss demands from us: “You have to learn to recognize your own depth.”

If we act behind the mask of a persona, an invention of the ancient Greek theatre, it´s much easier for us to explore and apply our Bliss potential. That ´s why I have invented Bliss personas.  

May I introduce?  The Bliss Personas!

What does our Visionary Bliss set free? 

Our Visionary Bliss travels in time in search for the deep, and protects us against pretention and charlatanery. 

What does our Jester Bliss set free? 

Our Jester Bliss turns each action
into a play opportunity, and rescues us from bitchery and small-mindedness.  

What does our Maverick Bliss set free? 

Our Maverick Bliss always detects the open land, and escapes deadlocks and perfection mania . 

Curious to decipher which Bliss Persona is orchestrating your Bliss?

Here you can book a date for a preliminary talk . Let´s plan your first rendezvous with your individual bliss oder that of your entire team.