Which Bliss Identity is Yours?

Ready for a Bliss Identity Profiling?

A Bliss Identity Profiling deciphers whether your capacity to grow unconventional behavior is small, rising or scattered. And, where to start to refine it. 

Precious RESULTS


During a Bliss Identity Profiling you will learn: 

  • to decipher whether your Bliss Identity is developed and improvable;
  • to become friends with your Bliss Identity Allies that protect, heal and set you free;
  • to bypass your Bliss Identity Opponents that sabotage, devastate or run down your Bliss;
  • to escape and navigate toxic business environments;
  • to apply your Bliss Identity whenever you want it to take the lead. 




During a Bliss Identity Profiling process You will explore the contrariness of your business personality.


Patricia will encourage you to: 

Make your Bliss Identity Personas speak to you!

Dialogues with all six Bliss Identity Personas of your Bliss Identity! You will practice to identify the single voices and listen to the conversation of your Bliss Identity Personas. 


Travel the Worlds of Aesthetics!

References from the world of science and the world of the arts! You will research and visit pieces and contributors of knowledge and pleasure that open up your world-view.


Connect to unbiased Perception!

Challenges for the way you walk, the way you hear, the way you touch, the way you use language! You will give your Bliss Identity her/his head. 


Have a Rendezvous with your Bliss Identity!

Announcement! I is Another, the analogue and digital encounter possibility with Your Bliss Identity is coming soon.