How does Your Bliss Identity tick?

Ready for a Bliss Identity Profiling?

A Bliss Identity Profiling deciphers whether your capacity to grow unconventional behavior is small, rising or scattered. And, where to start to refine it.


You will explore the contrariness of your business personality at the threshold between unconventional behavior and business innovation.


This is a fundamental work to make body and mind receptive for the new experience.

Patricia will encourage you to "get talking" to your Bliss Identity.


The Charms of Bliss Identity Personas


In ancient Greek theatre actors were wearing white masks to demonstrate the difference between the character they play (the persona) and the actor as an indvidual ( the self). This trick of outplaying reasoning and judgement is inventive!


If we act behind the mask of a persona, it´s much easier for us to explore and apply our unburdened, unconventional, uncorrupted behavior potential. That´s why I have invented the term Bliss Identity Personas. You decipher how your Bliss capacities express themselves through your "Bliss Mercies" - the Visionary Bliss, the Maverick Bliss and the Jester Bliss and their "Bliss Cruelties" - the Bliss Tyrant, the Bliss Pretender and the Bliss Sceptic.


Slipping into Bliss Identity Personas makes it possible to connect to those behavior capacities that linger at the treshold between unconventional action and business innovation.



During a Bliss Identity Profiling You will engage with all your Bliss Identity Personas!

  • Decipher which Bliss Identity Persona orchestrates your unconventional behavior;
  • Drum up the conversation between all your Bliss Identity Personas to make them function as your clever team of inner advisors;
  • Become friends with your Bliss Identity Mercies that protect, heal and set you free;
  • Bypass your Bliss Identity Cruelties that sabotage, devastate or run down your Bliss.


During a Bliss Identity Profiling You will travel the Worlds of undisclosed Aesthetics and Knowledge!

  • Explore extraordinary pieces of art and hidden scientific findings that will open up your world-view.


During a Bliss Identity Profiling You will connect to uncorrupted Perception!

  • Give your Bliss Identity a unique body expression by experimenting with the way you walk, the way you hear, the way you touch, the way you use language.

Have a Rendezvous with your Bliss Identity!


At the moment the encounter formats with Patricia are remote or face to face.

I is Another, the analogue and virtual encounter possibility with Your Bliss Identity, is coming soon.