How bright is the Darkness of your Products?

Products are a mirror of company consciousness. They express and reflect "the lights and the darks" that their inventors, their producers and their marketeers play out.


That´s what the format of "Product Thresholds" is about. 

By playing with a powerful metaphor you will identify the impact of your products on customers in a new dimension.


This is our magic question:

"Which darkness can your products bear?"



The initiators

My partner for this initiative is Kristina Dryza. Her contributions to the science of mythology are impressive. She writes for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, works as an archetypal consultant in both business and entertainment circles, and has recently completed a novel reimagining the Persephone and Hades myth, which she presented in a TEDx talk.


Kristina is my choice for the counterpart of "Product Thresholds" because we are both unafraid of oscilating between brightest euphoria and blank sadness and despair.


Experience our joint powers in

beating myth doctrines and rigid psychological concepts!


Good for your Enterprise?


- Your Enterprise pushes forward sustainability.

Imagine you can minimize the danger of getting lost in the blackness of greenwashing or   moralizing.


- Your Enterprise is at the technological forefront.

Imagine you can escape from being caught in the glaring light of feeling like sun gods.


- Your Enterprise makes a living from the arts and creativity.

Imagine you can withstand the decomposition of sharp outlines and long shadows for the sake of pleasing the choice of the masses.  


You will meet us in diguise...

Kristina and I will act as  "uncorrupt referees". Therefore we will apply the virtues of two opposing fictional characters, that of Aphrodite and Persephone.


Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and fertility, is known as the queen of the so-called upper world. Persephone, the goddess of vegetation, is known as the queen of the under world.


In ancient Greek mythology these two mythological personalities are a truly competitive duo. In our setting they will align their forces in an unexpected way.


...while you disguise yourself

You are invited to slip into the fictional character of the "inquirer" who is waiting to get your product challenged.


Try out how it feels to put on the role of your favorite idol, for instance an ancient hero or a heroine, or a character from a novel or a film.


We will assist you to make the best choice of your fictional character. an illuminating arena atmosphere.

This means we will place your product or product families in the center of attention and place you and us around it. We arrange a modern psychodrama with you and your product in interaction.


You as the person who comissions the encounter can meet us alone or come to us with as many people that you want to invite to the threshold walk. Think of product "spokes - wo-men "of all kinds: producers, customers, competitors, subcontractors, business partners, activists, politicians, opinion leaders.


We will support you to choose the participants wisely. And, we will carefully select the mythical characters that they will represent.