Ready for Products with Bliss Suspense?

The mind may already flirt with bliss,

now let the body join in!



The intention behind the label Bliss Suspense?

We invite you to connect to your Bliss through intensive triggers that align body, soul and mind. Bringing objects to market that create liberating social habits, away from pretentious or obsessed behavior, is our delight.


the curators

My curating partners are:

Suza Schlecht, Germany, Ricardo Nascimento, UK and Freyja Sewell, UK.


Suza applies her good nose for ahead of the curve materials;

Ricardo cares for the possibilities of wearable technology;

Freyja knows how to keep on track with a liberating design language.


Buy our first Bliss Darling - the PARAVOUR 1!


The first object for experiencing bliss sensations is available now.


PARAVOUR 1 is a playful object

in the gestalt of a wrap cape blanket

that combines giving shelter with celebrating the pleasures of thought rebellion.


PARAVOUR  1 is a product of the „Bliss Suspense“ series that we have created to induce behavior enhancement through unexpected ways of object handling.


PARAVOUR 1 unfolds its charm through a paradoxical statement expressed in a pair of contradictory adjectives. As a seal this word pair is placed on a wrap made of honest, skin pleasing materials.

A unique touch gadget completes the experience of a bliss empowering toy.



The way to own a PARAVOUR 1

Book a date for a video call with us. Let us guide you to decide which contradictory affirmation is yours or that of people you want to surprise with PARAVOUR 1 as a gift. Your favorite contradictory word pair is then placed on your PARAVOUR 1 and, after payment, it will be made ready to be shipped to you.  


May your PARAVOUR 1 serve you for daily or exceptional use!