You are an investor.

You are a business owner.

You are an influencer.


There is a question,

based on the desire to break free from emotional and social straight-jackets,

that may linger on your mind:

How can I  beat behavior doctrines?


Your Bliss Identity can tell you..

Your Bliss Identity is that talent base in you that strives for unconventional, uncurrupt, unbiased behavior. It´s a beautiful, astonishing, suspense-packed mixture of Bliss Allies and Bliss Opponents.

It deciphers whether your capacity to grow unconventional behavior is small, rising or scattered.


Why is it so valuable to know which Bliss Identity is

that of yourself,

that of your team members,

that of your business partners?


Because this knowledge has healing power.

It makes you immune against the "feel superior!" dictate of the business mainstream.

It empowers you to handle toxic business environments that are double-minded and tyrannical.

It supports you to escape from lying to yourself.  


Are you brave, curious, gun-ho to identify your Bliss Identity?

Dare to undergo a Bliss Profiling!


During intensive sessions with me I will introduce you to the powers of the Bliss Identity universe.

  • Decipher what makes your Bliss tick.
  • Experience how your Bliss Allies protect you, heal you and set you free;
  • Get to know how your Bliss Opponents sabotage, devastate or run down your Bliss;
  • Identify the playthings and the fightings between your Bliss Allies and your Bliss Opponents.


You can encounter with me in unusually designed individual sessions or team events, face to face and on-line.

During our encounters I will develop a clear picture of your Bliss Identity. You will receive a social mirror/feedback that has some merit.

Have a Rendezvous with your Bliss!