I is Another - real and virtual encounters with Bliss Identity

New approaches to behaviour need attractiveness to seep into collective consciousness and individual daily routines. How to keep a cool head and warm feet while emotional outbreaks and sensorial confusion visit the business world?


Imagine yourself strolling in a private backroom atmosphere, away from luring for social acceptance and performance scores, in a space where you become receptive, not hyper-aroused. This is what I IS ANOTHER is about. 


I IS ANOTHER is the title for an off-beat encounter with your Bliss Identity in real world and virtual world spaces. The I IS ANOTHER experience is made to support your independent perception, developing an uncorrupted way of evaluating impressions and information and making decisions.


Patricia and her partners will provide an on-online access for I IS ANOTHER. There you can book experiences of unvarnished self-observations by initiating an inner dialogues with personas that work as psychological "mercies" or "cruelties" of your unconventional behavior repertoire.


Je est un Autre * Ich ist ein Anderer * I is Another

 我是另一个 * मैं एक औरहै * я другой



The clue of I IS ANOTHER is about these two service components:

- We provide a person-to-person remote service that consists of heartful professional

introduction, guidance and aftercare. 

- Our way of data profiling is honoring and respecting the user´s need for transparency.

We will show our clients how to read their data. 


Where did Patricia get the inspiration for the title?

The title is relating to an expression coined by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud 

(20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891) that explores the term otherness.

I is Another, the real and virtual world encounter with your Bliss Identity is coming soon.