Check your Bliss Identity!

The pain

The business literature and research is packed with models about behavior capacities (the big five, self-actualization, passion - to name only a few). 

What I am missing are behavior triggers that explicitely focus on

rebellious, secret-seeking and humorous emotional and cognitive states and traits.


The escape

After having carefully studied the unconventional action strategies of not less than 200

capital and business owners I have found my resolution.

I call this rare talent base the Bliss Identity. 


To make you engage with your Bliss Identity let´s employ a smart trick: experimenting with personas.


In ancient Greek theatre actors were wearing white masks to demonstrate

the difference between the character they play (the persona) and the actor as an individual (the self).

If we act behind the hide-out of personas, it´s easier to explore and develop our unburdened, untamed, uncorrupted behavior potential.


The achievement

You learn to connect to your Bliss Allies and to tame your Bliss Opponents.


There are different Bliss Allies - your inner Visionary, Maverick and Jester. You will to experience them as the three graces or the three musketeers that frame your unconventional behavior.


Taming your Bliss Opponents - your inner Tyrant, Pretender and Sceptic - will encourage you to liberate yourself from nagging, an exaggerated opinion of yourself and bossiness.


Connecting to your Bliss Allies will align you with behavior capacities

that linger at the treshold between unconventional action and business innovation.



Have a Rendezvous with your Bliss!


During intensive sessions with me I will introduce you to the powers of the Bliss Identity universe.

  • Experience how your favorite Bliss Ally protects you, heals you and sets you free;
  • Get to know which Bliss Opponent sabotages, devastates or runs down your Bliss;
  • Identify the playthings and the fightings between your Bliss Allies and your Bliss Opponents.


You can encounter with me in single sessions or team events.


Care for your Bliss in Business!

There is a creative tension between Bliss Allies and Bliss Opponents.

Visionary challenges Pretender

 Our Visionary Bliss

has an off-beat look ahead.


Entrepreneurs with the Visionary Bliss have a direct line to the many knowledge sources of mankind from all over the world.

They rule the Timeless,

the Deep, the Unfathomable.


The Visionary Bliss

constantly asks:

“How to enjoy a secret?“


Bliss Visionairies easily get involved with life rhythms and time cycles. Without effort they mentally travel between presence, past and future.


Visionary Blissers introduce their clients to business solutions away from new age romanticisms or cold scientificity.


The Visionary Bliss throws out of balance the Bliss opponent of the Pretender in us,

who is always seeking for glory and recognition.


Our Visionary Bliss activates an evasive move when it experiences things as too shallow, too mindless, too vulgar.

Business is for

Bliss Visionaries

a chemistry set

and not a box of lego bricks.


Maverick challenges Tyrant

Our Maverick Bliss

detects uncharted territories.


Entrepreneurs with Maverick Bliss are masters of alert serenity.

They make use of the Explosive, the Hard-hitting,

the Unbiased.


The Maverick Bliss 

constantly asks:

„How to clear a barrier?“.


Bliss Mavericks bravely object the choice of the masses.

Their businesses avoid supersaturation and senseless routines. They are unafraid of celebrating contradictions and discrepancies.


Maverick Blissers know how to sneak through the hatch in the wall instead of wasting energy by trying to tear down the whole wall.


The Maverick Bliss puts to the test the Bliss opponent of the Tyrant in us,

who strives for absolute perfection and limitless power.


If things feel too petit-bourgeois, too ordinary, too rigid our Maverick Bliss strikes out.


Business is for

Bliss Mavericks

casual wear

and not a straight-jacket.

Jester challenges Sceptic

 Our Jester Bliss

 plays with all the bells and whistles.


Entrepreneurs with Jester Bliss are masters of playfulness and sensorial wealth creation.

They are deeply connected to the Unburdened, the Rich in Variety, the Cheerful.


The Jester Bliss

constantly asks:

„How to make things hum?“


Bliss Jesters bring to products and services a flair of warmness and good mood. They love to create surprises and know how to induce twists and turns.


The Jester Bliss operates like an impactful antitoxin to the doubting and whimpering Bliss opponent of the Sceptic in us, who always questions or dissmisses a joyful idea.


If our Jester Bliss identifies things as too monotonous, too stupid, too fanciless it activates its sense of humour and self-irony.


Business is for

Bliss Jesters

a playground

and not a battlefield.

Curious to decipher your Bliss Indentity?

Enjoy my blog entries about the joys and the abysses of Bliss Identity.