Ready for Products that are Bliss Darlings?

The mind may already flirt with bliss, now let the senses join in!


Objects can improve our Bliss or spoil it.


In our current global product world only a few objects exist that work as markers, reminders and hosts for behavior freeing. We as buyers have unlearned to explore and to question products. We just consume them and thereby we are in danger to become lazy, stupid, or crude.


The intention behind Bliss Darlings is about bringing objects to market that create liberating social habits, away from pretentious or obsessed behavior.  Consider Bliss Darlings as a product playground in progress for objects that improve our Bliss.


I invite you to support your Bliss Identity through objects that align liberating body experience with mental alertness and a curative influence on the soul .

The curators

My curating partner for Bliss Suspense is Suza Schlecht, Germany. Suza has a good nose for ahead of the curve materials. I appreciate her beautifully sharp comments on product trash and lies.


Our product benchmarks

How do we identify a product as a Bliss Darling?

  • A "Bliss Darling" invites to play with contradictions. Think of addressing emotional ambivalences, sensorial alertness or contradictory ways of application.
  • A "Bliss Darling" bears a secret, celebrates free spirit, engages with the unexpected. Think of subtle rebellion against toxic stereotypes.

In other words: "Bliss Darlings" empower their users to refine and practice their Bliss.


How to place orders?

It´s our pleasure to advise you in direct contact.


Let us guide you to decide which version of a Bliss Darling should be yours or that of people you want to surprise with as a gift.



Book a date for a video call with us via e-mail.

You own a product that you want to become a Bliss Darling?

Then contact us curators and we will have a look. We are curious to get to know your approach to Bliss. Bliss curious people can become your unconventional clients via Bliss Darlings. Connect via e-mail.