The Mind may already flirt with Bliss Identity, now let the Senses join in.


Behavior changes need tangible, perception challenging objects to refer to.

Patricia´s  intention is to make people sensitive to objects (formerly named products) that liberate from socializing doctrines and push away from pretentious or obsessed behavior. She calls this type of objects Bliss Darlings. 


What turns an object into a Bliss Darling?

An object becomes a "Bliss Darling" if it plays with emotional contradictions, bears a secret, celebrates free spirit, engages with the unexpected, empowers its users to refine, and practice their Bliss Identity.


The curators

My curating partner for Bliss Darlings is Suza Schlecht, Germany. Suza has a good nose for ahead of the curve materials. I appreciate her beautifully sharp comments on product trash and lies.

Suza and Patricia align to refine people´s sensorial perception through engagement with unusual objects.

Their first joint invention is the object Paravour.