Avantgardist Superpowers

 In Science-Fiction stories or in ancient myths you can read about extra-ordinary forces that go far beyond the skills and capacities of ordinary people. Imagine the superpower of x-ray vision, invulnerability, mind reading or teleportation. 


As human beings we have our body and mind restrictions. But our power of imagination can catapult us away from the not very ingenious list of desired future skills that for example the World Economic Forum, an international foundation and lobby organisation, propagates for the year 2030. They mention resilience, technology management and critical thinking. 

Let us doubt that this set of skills will help us to master the present and the future. 


Which superpowers are in demand to get unleashed?

The avantgardist Superpower of Imagination Childishness!


-     IImagine you can describe the world like a 3- to 7-year-old child in magical picture language. A tree can be an animal, a timeline is blurred… This ability is what the adult mind and body need to protect themselves against degeneration and distortion.


Childlike imagination turns into a superpower if we train our power of imagination to travel into undefined mind territories. This is in sharp contrast to infantilization, the manipulation of grownups into a state of refusal and denial about feeling responsible for one´s own action. This superpower works as well as a bold cure against overly intellectual heavy thinking. 


The impact of this superpower can be experienced for example in:

  • Glee of describing thoughts and feelings in voluptuous expressions;
  • Protective instinct for all kind of resources on earth, in the sky, in the waters;
  • Unafraid dialogue with all "creatures" , think of mushrooms, plants, animals, stones, data, liquids....

The Jester Bliss Persona connects you to the unconsumed energy of Imagination Childishness. 

The avantgardist Superpower of Otherness Curiosity!

Imagine you feel prepared to experience the tension between minimum two but possible many discrepancies, contrasts, contradictions, perhaps paradoxes. If you are brave enough of not wanting to balance, reconcile or erase the tension than you have entered the Otherness Curiosity space of avantgardist superpowers. 


This superpower forces us to escape the firm belief that the strange, the crazy, the untold can get a graspable shape if we define it, bring it into line, or grind it off. The neoliberal claim of "all can exist in loving embrace" is poison to this superpower. 


Otherness Curiosity celebrates the attitude to question ideas of superiority and comfort. it easily discovers cheep product lifting or service cosmetics. 


The impact of this superpower leads us to being: 

  • Emotionally immune against manipulation and showboating;
  • Unimpressed by criminal activities; 
  • Playful with dirt, pain, shadows, dark sides; 
  • Capable of navigating in the in between, not in the either or. 

The Maverick Bliss Persona connects you to the rebellious energy of Otherness Curiosity.  

The avantgardist Superpower of Life Rhythms Pacing!

Imagine you have a sense for becoming and decline, for beginning, culmination point and ending.  You are capable of acting attentive to cycles, swings, tides, streams, flows, not against them. Then you are right into the sphere of the avantgardist superpower of Life Rhythm Pacing.


This superpower manifests so refreshing different from new age romanticism of "everything is magical", but as well from cold scientificity with its "if something cannot be measured it does not exist". 


The impact of this superpower is about: 

  • Sensitivity for utilization of resources, what to care for and what to let go; 
  • Transformation of ancient knowledge in modern times;
  • Anticipation of technology limitations. 

The Visionary Bliss Persona connects you to the far-sighted energy of Life Rhythms Pacing.

What happens if sensual, fanciful and multi-facted unite? An unfamiliar step in the evolution of business innovation!


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